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By | August 21, 2022

This article we’re going to provide a comprehensive overview of West Coast University student portal called as education hub, You can know it is one of the most prestigious private schools in California that has features that make it distinct and how you can use the online student portal without difficulty.

So what are you sitting to do? Go to the next section to get more information!

West Coast University

With over 110 years of experience in education and more than 35,000 alumni from all over the world, West Coast University is famous for its student-centered approach. Every aspect of our curriculum is designed with the success of students in the forefront.

You will receive one-on-one help by Our professional Career Services team and a Student Success Advisor.

We continue to find more efficient and innovative ways that students can gain the skills and confidence needed in an ever-changing and complex world.

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West Coast University Portal

West Coast University offers programs in health, business and nursing, ranging from bachelor’s degree to doctoral studies. Learn online or on one of our campuses!

Our online courses offer mobile-friendly audio books, video content and simulations, as well as adaptive quizzingand other on-the-go tools to keep you connected no matter where you are.

The course is delivered via our virtual classroom that is interactive that allows you to learn when and where you’re most comfortable.

West Coast University Student Portal

The college provides a convenient way for students of all ages to receive hours of content for their courses as well as updates on important information, customized tests, or even take online classes via its login portal.

Create an account and access the portal in a matter of seconds after the registration process. In the next part we will go over how to login to the portal without difficulty.

West Coast University Aeries Portal Login

You are able to access your child’s account or yourself, and view the details of both via below steps :-

  1. First visit this webpage https://westcoastuniversity.srm-app.net/
  2.  Now find login option and click on it,
  3. You will get option on homepage upper right. “Student Portal Homepage”.
  4. Give you logins and click on sign in.

The following information is accessible by using the student portals at WCU.

  1. Your attendance at your daily and monthly meetings
  2. Contact information for teachers

Important notices sent by the university with regards to community issues, or fees or admission related questions.
Information about immunizations and health information

Marksheets are issued in accordance with the various semesters.

Status of graduation for all students in the undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) or Ph.D. (Doctorate) degree.


If you encounter questions while login to WCU’s student portal, if you have any questions about logging in to WCU Student Portal, look through the FAQs below to answer them:

No Account what to do ?

It is simple to set up an account for students on West Coast University through the Aeries portal. In order to register, you must provide the information needed. It will be an email address, telephone #, your student ID etc.

You can access portal quickly?

  • Making the first time takes only less than a minute.
  • After that, you’ll be able to login to your new account with the credentials provided.
  • Then, voila! You are now able to access all updates and course material that you require.
  • If you are still having problems logging into your account.
  • You can reach out to the school’s authorities to address the problem.

Facts about WCU University

In 1979, WCU was founded as the American College of Optics, WCU has gone a long way in defining the way healthcare has evolved in the decades.

The college is located across California, Ontario, Orange County, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Miami, and even Dallas. It has a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate diploma certificates, diplomas, and Ph.D. courses in healthcare and nursing, and provides a variety of programs for all students who is interested.

The variety of courses offered along with the possibility of both offline and online classes make the college an excellent option for students living in California as well as those who don’t belong to the school.

WCU is, just like every other institution, is able to meet the requirements of its students as well as teachers within a unified atmosphere. Furthermore, WCU is an accredited institution providing BS in dental Hygiene degrees,  DPT PharmD, BSN MSOT, which are primarily.

The university has been in the forefront of technology since its founding and has provided an education of the highest quality that is unrivaled to this day.

In the past few years the school has had more than 4000 students. The ratio of student-teacher is 24:1, attention is paid to the requirements of every student right from the start.

WCU offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students as well as their teachers. It also promotes and focuses on the values of community and management within students in the course of academic and co-curricular classes.

Basics of WCU ?

Are you planning to enrolling at some of the schools within the West Coast University district? The facts that make this school a good selection are as follows:

WCU accepts students from every sphere of existence. The private school experience gives students the opportunity to pursue their passions while receiving an excellent education through every methods.

All student is provided with specifically pay focus on developing their skills rather than the standard book-based education.

The university informs its students of important information on its activities, academics and community guidelines via the portals for students and also through the notice board that is on campus. Also, emails are sent out in order to make sure that everybody is up-to-date with the most current information.

The student portals secure the identities of each account. Important information is secure because of the university’s cyber security methods that permit back tracking in the event of any breaches or mishaps.

WCU assists its students learn a variety of languages.

It has also launched an intermission program that allows dual-language students learn two languages in one move. Learning different languages aids students on working abroad trips and is an excellent career choice for those who want for a career as a translator. It makes communication easier over the long term.

Additionally, rigorous registrations for employment and transfers are conducted within the district, which ensures the security of each teachers until they decide to resign.

The district of the university is involved in activities for the community which involve everyone living in California.
The university also ensures the physical and mental well-being of each student and teacher prior to anything else.

West Coast University (WCU) Intro

David Pyle laid the first foundation stone in the history of West Coast University in 1979 when he created American Career College under the name of American College of Optics.

The school was primarily focused on Ophthalmology until the end of May 1997 when Pyle bought WCU chartered by the State of California.

Then, it was one of the pioneers in providing education for working adults in non-traditional environments. These programs that were new at the middle to the beginning of the twentieth century, were unusual at the time.

The effectiveness of this method was the main reason behind the expansion of the university as well as the diversification of its education courses.

Since its founding in the year 100, West Coast University is committed to educating society by preparing students for careers in the workplace. Over the years, West Coast University or WCU has served as an ambassador for young, innovative and gifted students.

We are all highly determined to develop youngsters who will become great professionals who can be a part of making a better society.

WCU Nursing Program

The unique, student-centered approach used to offer advanced healthcare training to nurses and doctors who are just starting out makes WCU students WCU Students “ahead of the curve”.

Learning methods that promote critical thinking , while also providing practical experience for nurses students distinguishes WCU nursing programs from other nursing programs.

It offers focused and high-quality healthcare education through its undergraduate nursing degree programs and dental hygiene, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in pharmacy, nursing, health administration, physical therapy, as well as occupational therapy.

Six campuses belonging to West Coast University are spread across South California, Texas, and Florida.

Due to the increase in new illnesses due to modern lifestyle, methods and techniques for treating diseases are also moving forward rapidly.

So, highly-confident healthcare professionals who are able to take on changes swiftly is the need of the moment. The goal for WCU is to help prepare healthcare professionals who are able to adapt to the changing requirements of the industry.

The faculty of the university continuously strives to mould each student into brilliant doctors and nurses prepared to face the demands that comes with working in the field of healthcare.

Students are made competent professionals that are prepared to make a bright career. To be successful in a nursing career it is not enough to be skilled enough to meet the difficulties, but also be competent enough to face challenges of healthcare.

WCU students are well-educated, competent and proud.

You are welcome to look through the complete list of nursing programs that are offered through WCU right here and the admissions procedures on this page.


The convenience of WCU makes it the perfect university to obtain the degree you want.

Utilize the portals during your own leisure time to keep just one step behind your peers and learn more about the curriculum of your university.

The endless amount of information available can be a fantastic way to increase your expertise and offer you greater knowledge than that which you learn in the class by itself.

I hope this guide has been helpful in learning how to access this portal. West Coast University student portal.

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