STS Karnataka Student Tracking Portal

By | August 20, 2022

STS Karnataka The Government of Karnataka has come up with the Student Tracking System to track the scorecards of students as well as teacher records.

The official website for STS Login is designed for simple processing of teacher and student information from schools across the Karnataka state.

This system digitally handles the student and teacher data in the system. This assists in obtaining information from any location within Karnataka.

Through these rules, government offers diverse services for students. The primary process for midday meals can be monitored through the official STS login website. 

There are numerous direct links that provide an individual with direct access and utilize the login to keep track of their information.

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STS Karnataka Student Tracking Portal

STS Karnataka

The primary goal for the state is to stop duplicate school records. This website will assist authorities to identify fraudsters, like those who operate fake schools. School administrators and school heads are required to sign up through an online application as well as it is the Department of Education accepts no paper-based forms.

The government also offers the standard school cost for every school, to ensure that every student can pay for their education and that no school is too expensive.

The fee structure can be found on the official website portal to the guardians to review and use for school-level. 

After the registration process is completed when the registration is completed, all the personal and student details are saved and integrated to the online portal.

In combining all levels of schooling, a huge number of students are part of the educational system in Karnataka as part of an educational structure.

This online stage offers all the essential support needed to support the growing speed of education. In this instance, Global Positioning Framework that is a set of educational exercises and has a huge collection of data.

Student Tracking System – STS KAR Portal 

School services 

In this program the department of education in the state provides online school approval request for school grant permission renewal applications, school accreditation and other things. There is also schools with minority students can avail this service to aid minority students in the state.

The Student Achievement Ranking System 

The services use an online platform that allows to create digital documents of every teacher and student. The achievements of students throughout their career are constantly monitored by teachers to ensure that they can be more supported.

Employer Services They provide employees with online options for their employment, so that teachers from the school, as well as other departments are able to use these to verify their information. Details on issues related to disciplinary action management, management of No-Octane Certificates, management of leave and other employee-related services are available here.


The service is used to aid in coordination and decision-making, analysis, and control of data. They ensure that they catch the right catch and count based on school reports to determine the progress of teachers and the students.

Exam Portal 

Examinations are that is conducted in the online format by the department designed so that all the details of the examination as well as student registration is submitted by the school via the internet. Hall tickets as well as other exam material is also accessible via the portal online.

Department On-line Services 

The services offered by the department allow for the approval of school accreditation or minority school accreditation. This service can also be utilized during renewal of any service offered through the State Education Department to the schools.

Benefits of the Karnataka Students Tracking Portal 

  • Schools are expelled if they do not have legitimate documents.
  • STS is prepared to comprehend the proportion of teachers who are in admission
  • Regularity in education aids in determining the purpose of the training.
  • The Internet offers learning resources for all students across the nation.
  • STS Karnataka Gateway empowers the Training Division to recognize the potential of students of the state.
  • Its Shiksha Mitra Portable Application creates an intelligent Global Positioning Framework for just one more device parity when accessing websites that are real.
  • Karnataka STS online framework will usually not provide the simplicity in the office that is instructable.

How to login to STS Karnataka School 

  • Fill the program and and school address of site,, click on the inquiry button.
  • Saksham the power behind school opens “School Login Karnataka’
  • Simple tab on ‘Teaching Achievement Global Positioning Framework’.
  • The site will take you to the SAT’s login for STS log in to the STS Open School login. Click on the “Enrollment tab”.
  • The school’s administrator should select the connection for the client of the school’s instruction car STS login.
  • A different website will be displayed on the screen. The structure must be filled with energy.
  • After filling in the structure using relevant information, Shakti should fill in the human test code manually and then tap”Submit.
  • Eighth Step: This means that Karnataka completes registration of experts from schools on their online platform.

STS Kar Online Gateway Registration

  • New customers who wish to enroll on the STS Tax Portal should visit the official site, eg
  • A user should click on the option ‘Listing’ and then click on the registration of the user that is identified in the landing Page’.
  • A nomination form will be available on the following page.
  • A person who is a recipient needs to fill in an array of information like the recipient’s personal information, address the post was made, confirmation of address and contact details, as well as evidence that is identifiable.
  • After careful examination of the nuances after careful examination, the user can click on the “Submit Button’.

How to download STS KAR Scholarship Application 

  • First click on this web page
  • When they are on the home page of STS students need to click on”Login.
  • A student has to enter the STS username, password and log on to the page.
  • After logging in to the STS student portal, students will need to tap Grant application Structure 2022.
  • Students must fill in all the necessary information within the application.
  • Following the successful completion of the application, the applicant will be able to tap”Submit. Check for an enlarged version of the SATS structure.

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