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By | January 26, 2022

Ohio Child Support Web Portal Phone Number and also Ohio Child Support Web Portal Support email app complete contact information, and more you can get here.

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What is the Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal?

The Ohio Child Support, Customer Service Portal, permits clients with a compelling Child support case a protected domain in which they can see their kid support case data on interest.

Clients can view and print up to two years of Child support payment information, and, also, perspective location, business, medical coverage, and support request data that is on record with the Child support office.

Ohio Child Support Web Portal

Ohio Child Support Web Portal Phone Number Support app

Application for Child Support Services

Various administrations are accessible to families under the Ohio Child support program. Data on these administrations can be found at Child Support – Overview of Services. If you are occupied with applying for Child support administrations, please finish the accompanying form:

Application for Child Support Services

If it’s not too much trouble likewise survey and keep for your records the accompanying two structures clarifying your rights and obligations identified with Child support administrations:

  • Parental Rights and Responsibilities
  • Clarification of State inquiry Procedures

Demand for Change to a Child Support Order (Administrative Review and Adjustment)

Either parent or watchman can request an adjustment in the request. Child support requests can be assessed at regular intervals from the date the application was built up or the time of the last survey.

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Ohio Child Support Web Portal

A few requests can be surveyed sooner than the required period if certain circumstances are met. Data on asking for a change to your application and comprehension if you are qualified or not can be found at Administrative Review and Adjustment – Overview. If you are keen on asking for an audit, please finish the accompanying structure:

Demand for an Administrative Review of the Child Support Order


Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal

Either parent or gatekeeper with a compelling Child support case can see their Child support case data online through the Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal. Clients can view and print up to two years of kid support payment information, and, also, perspective location, occupation, medical coverage,

And support request data that is on record with the Child support office. Data on the web entry, including how to enlist, can be found at Children Support – Customer Service Web Portal.

Ohio Child Support Services

Foundation of a Support Order

In the event that a man does not as of now get support, the Child’s guardian, gatekeeper, lawful caretaker, or the individual with whom the kid lives (considered the private guardian) can contact the CSEA for help with getting a request for the payment of Children backing and human services for the Child (ren).

Support requests can, in some cases, be built up by the CSEA without going to court. If it is essential to experience the court, the CSEA will help you in acquiring a Child support request.

To decide the measure of support a guardian is required to pay, the CSEA or the court will utilize the “Ohio Child Support Guidelines” as an aide. Both folks must give a check of their earnings to the previous six months or give their latest wage government forms.


Your province Children Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) can give administrations to you if you have an intergovernmental case.

A case is intergovernmental when one gathering lives in a state or nation not quite the same as the other when a court request is in a state or country other than the one where both sides live, or when there is more than one support request covering the same gatherings.

Every state and region of the USA use the same law to prepare intergovernmental cases. It is known as the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), and you can see more data about this law by tapping on the connection beneath.

Your CSEA can likewise help you if a gathering to the case lives in another nation or on a tribal reservation.

Medicinal Support

The CSEA is in charge of building up and authorizing medical coverage orders for Children to support situations when the scope is accessible and sensible or anticipated that would get to be available.

Medical coverage scope is viewed as accessible and sensible if a guardian can acquire it through the guardian’s manager or other gathering health care coverage arrangement. Health care coverage incorporates expense for administration,

Health maintenance organizations (HMO), preferred provider organizations (PPO), and different sorts of scope that could give medicinal administrations to the kid. Another gathering scope may incorporate, yet is not restricted to, retirement, incapacity, or union plans.

The CSEA is required to send a National Medical Support Notice to the business of the medicinal protection obligor (MI Obligor) when new or changed vocation happens.

This governmentally required notification is intended to acquire medical coverage for kids for whom there are therapeutic support orders.

The business must send the NMSN to the wellbeing arrangement head in 20 business days unless the company doesn’t give protection. The wellbeing arrangement manager will enlist the kids 20 business days after getting the NMSN,

Unless there is a holding up period or there is more than one medical coverage arrangement choice. In those cases, enrollment happens when the waiting period ends, or the agreement choice is chosen.

How to Register with Ohio Child Support Portal

Before registering, please read the following instructions

  1. Establish User ID and Password
  2. Log in to your email to Activate your Account
  3. Verify your Relationship to a Child Support Case
  4. Enter your Case Information
  5. Before registering, please have the following information available:
  6. Your Child Support Case Number (beginning with a 7)
  7. Your Social Security Number
  8. If you are ordered to receive support on ANY case, the last four digits of your e-QuickPay® card number, or your direct deposit account number,

Registration Form: https://childsupport.ohio.gov/captcha.jsf?topagename=AccountCreation

Ohio Child Support Web Portal Support

If you have a question about your children’s support case, please contact your county’s children support enforcement agency. You can find this number here.

Phone (800) 686-1556
Fax  (614) 752-9760
Child Support Customer Inquiry Call Center: (800) 686-1556
Child Support Customer Inquiry Call Center: Fax (614) 995-7159 or (614) 728-5070
Helpline (800) 860-2555
TTY/TDD (866) 500-3784
Interstate Central Registry: Fax (614) 466-6613
Address The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services 30 E. Broad Street, 32nd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Ohio Child Support Services Portal http://jfs.ohio.gov/Ocs/OCSServices_Overview.stm
Ohio Child Support Services Portal Login page   https://childsupport.ohio.gov/login.jsf

Click here to register with Ohio Department of Health and Family Services https://childsupport.ohio.gov/captcha.jsf?topagename=AccountCreation


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