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By | August 20, 2022

Mee Bhoomi Adangal AP: Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh Web Portal is a land records online registry. It was created through the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

It was launched in June of 2015. Mee Bhoomi AP Online portal was announced jointly together with Department of Revenue.

The purpose of the portal is public. gives information about plots. Meebhoomi AP can be viewed online as an platform, and data can be used such as Meebhoomi Adangal Land records Village maps, Meebhoomi 1b as well as many more.

It is reported that the Meebhoomi AP portal recently offers Tenancy, Andhra Pradesh land records, information on the crops, the nature of ownership of the land and obligations. Meebhoomi Adangal as well as Meebhoomi 1b land records are required documents are available on the Meebhoomi AP Official Website.

For more information you can refer to the article in the section below. If you’re in search of the registration of land records, you can avail the assistance by using the Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh Web Portal that is a digital India. This portal was officially announced in June, and is administered through the Department of Revenue.

Candidates who are interested and eligible candidates are able to read about the procedure to apply for this portal. This information are listed in the next portion of the post. For more information you can read the next section.

Meebhoomi Portal

Meebhoomi Portal 2022

Through the Meebhoomi Portal, the citizens of Andhra Pradesh may get their land records, such as Jamabandi, ROR 1B pahani, village map and more.

In the past, in order to get land records, citizens required to visit office of the government. When the Meebhoomi portal is introduced into the every citizen’s life, citizens from Andhra Pradesh may get their land records from their residences. This can save time and also money.

This will add clarity to the system. The land records have been designed and developed by the departments concerned. The residents from Andhra Pradesh may also submit these documents as proof of ID when they intend to apply for any kind of loans from banks. 

Highlights of Mee Bhoomi AP Adangal

Digitalization is a process that is being implemented by the various state governments. From this angle it is the Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched its own Meebhoomi Portal.

On this page, we offer all details regarding this online portal including details about the meebhoomi portal, its purpose and benefits, features, methodology to find jamabandi, land record and more.

If you’re looking for details about the Meebhoomi portal, you can read this article. Candidates can look up the essential information about this portal. Mee Bhoomi Portal is available here:

Name of the Portal Meebhoomi Portal
Announced by Government of the Andhra Pradesh State
Beneficiaries Residents of Andhra Pradesh
Aim To offer online
Land records
Official website

Services provided by Portal

  • Survey number
  • Village landlords List
  • Patta Names
  • Pattadar Passbook Statistics
  • Mee Seva and Meebhoomi issue report
  • Crop types grew inland Meebhoomi Adangal Survey
  • AP FMB (field measurement book)
  • Electronic passbook
  • AP 1B records of land
  • Record of Land Aadhaar Card connection

Features and Benefits of Mee Bhoomi Portal

  • The features of this portal may be used in applications for mobile devices.
  • This website can be used by anyone who lives in any district in Andhra Pradesh
  • Concerns about land records can be filed through the site.
  • This site supports the process of obtaining handicapped certificates or land documents that have transparency.
  • The validity in any method is made available to office bearers and the patterns are communicated to them via messaging.
  • The official website allows you to view the village maps and the field management manual (FMB).

Search ROR 1-B Record

To verify the ROR 1-B records You can refer to the steps below:

  • Click on the Official Website using the link provided here
  • Choose the type of search you want to use from the choices i.e. Survey Number, Account Number, Adaru Number, Name of Pattadar.
  • Additionally, you can choose to:
    – District
    – Zone
    – Village
  • Enter the details and your captcha number.
  • Also, click on the button to show.

Checking Process of Meebhoomi Portal Individual Adangal Record

You can check the personal Adangal record by following the simple procedure in the following:

  • Visit the official Website URL is provided here
  • Select the type of search that you are looking for:
    – Survey Number
    – Account Number
    – Adaru Number
    – Name of Pattadar
  • Fill in the information.
  • Additionally, enter the code for captcha.
  • After that, you will need to click the”show” button.

Linking Aadhaar With Land

If you’re interested in join your Aadhaar numbers to your land records on the internet, you can follow the simple procedure in the following article:

  • To begin, you should go to the official Website hyperlink that is provided here.
  • Choose your search type account number or Aadhaar Number
  • Choose the following:
    – District
    – Zone
    – Village
  • You will then need enter the captcha code.
  • Following that, you will be able to click”Submit button.

Help Desk | Portal

In case you’ve any information about the query, you need to go to the at the office of the Tehsildar. For any technical query, you can do the comment below.

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