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By | August 20, 2022

LIC policy status 2022 How can you be in the dark and have to pay for the additional money because there isn’t only one way to determine LIC policy status offline or online However, there are many ways to verify the status of your insurance policy not just via text message but also view the date of maturity.

Premium Due Dates Bonus Deposits, LIC India SMS for Help, and much more. There are numerous ways to do this, and the best ones are more efficient than any other method and is done with a simple text message. Just check the below for syntax and then procedure.

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LIC Policy Status

In many instances life insurance policyholders are worried about the condition on the status of their LIC India policy and its status checker mode,

Because when they attempt to renew their expiring Life insurance policies, they are dismayed to learn that they will have to pay additional fees, even though the procedure of checking their policy’s status online is easy.

LIC Policy Status Check

The payment of premiums is typically an annual process. This can make it easy to skip deadlines and can result in more not paying attention.

While insurance companies do have the option of putting down monthly annual, quarterly, and monthly premiums, the majority of custodians go on the monthly premium option.

Thus, a deficit of a single premium could lead to the cancellation of the insurance policy.

The demands of busy schedules, the inability to access funds, and lost or expired debit or credit cards. Loss of insurance documents is among the many causes that lead to the cancellation or cancellation of policies. Therefore, checking your insurance policy is an essential part of your routine. It’s always good to create a routine to keep your finances in order. 

The insurance industry in India offers billions of dollars in insurance to the middle class. LIC policies are not just intended to serve as a buffer to protect against uncertainties; they are also used to provide a method to save. Certain policies also provide tax-free exemptions.

It is not uncommon that policy papers get lost. It is important to have them available always would be a lot to ask of seniors or people who are near retirement.

LIC Merchant Portal Login

Additionally, it’s easy to obtain various updates and details about your registered phone numbers and emails. In the digital portal of LIC, you only need a single user ID as well as a password is required.

Users simply need to login and access all the information they require.

LIC Jeevan Umang – Policy Status

Jeevan Umang recently launched . Jeevan Umang is a non-linked plan. That means, the funds are not placed in the market for stocks.

This means that it is less risky. It still guarantees higher yields. The policyholder shares in the profits made through LIC up to the time of maturity.

The LIC determines what percentage of profits will be divided among the policyholder. It is full-life LIC policy. The death benefit is guaranteed even in the event of the loss of the insured in the policy’s term.

How to check LIC Policy Status by sending SMS

  • Open your mobile and send a text message
  • Simply type a msg.
  • Send over
  • You will receive the status of your LIC policy through a quick short message or an error message if mobile not registered.

How to check LIC Policy Status

If death occurs in one of the initial five years, the entire amount will be payable. After five years of policy, Sum Assured on death is due even if the policy is not yet matured.

It continues until the Life Assured is reached or until the end of the final year of maturity for the policy. Survival Benefit is offered in the event that the Life Assured does not expire the term of premium payment. It is 8% of ‘Basic Sum Assured’.

For New User:

  • Visit the official website page, and then on the home page choose the Online Services tab.
  • Click on the official e-Seva link. It will take you to a brand new page that will identify that you are a brand new user.
  • When you click on”New” on the User tab The new screen will open. Here you will you can enter the correct information about your policy.
  • The policy number must be your own name and be valid in accordance with LIC policies.
  • The installment premiums are due each month.
  • Your birth date is written in the format DD/MM/YYYYY.
  • A Phone number will help you receive alerts from the insurance company such as the maturity date, payment and more.
  • Email address registered with the company.
  • Verify all details to ensure that they are correct. If so you can click on the continue button.
  • It is important to note it is a requirement that your system remove inactive information within five working days.
  • Then select the User ID and Password confirmation and then click the submit button.
  • Once they have the necessary information with the details, the new user will be able to login to the account of the policy for check-ups on status and activities.

For Registered Users:

  • First you need to visit e-Sewa LIC Policy Website Portal.
  • On the home page screen, it will display two choices:
  • Registered User and New User.
  • Click Register, and then enter your credentials, such as the User ID (keep Remember this) and Password.
  • After logging into the LCI Account page, you’ll see a range of options for policy, click the button for Policy Status.
  • The page will display all relevant account policies. The user can choose to create a policy that isn’t listed within the accounts.
  • Now simply click on Enroll Policy Using LIC E-Service Tools.
  • Verify for the current status by clicking the policy number in the list.
  • Information such as Policies Name and Term Table number, premium date and the Total Sum Assured will show in the display.

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