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By | August 21, 2022

The Dougherty County School System is happy to offer an infinite Campus Portal for Parents and Students an absolutely free service for our district families.

It is a Parent/Student Portal connects parents/guardians and students with real-time information about their student anywhere, at any time wherever there is Internet access.

To be able to access the website, parents/guardians need to sign the Parent Acceptable Use Policy and Authorization Form and bring the completed form along with a photo ID issued by the government at the child’s school.

JagNet: Helpful Guide to STC Portal Login 2022

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

If your children attend multiple schools then you should only go to the school of your most senior child. A valid utility bill could be required in order to verify residency if the information within the information systems for students is not correct or out of date.

When you have completed your Parent AUPA form and you will receive an Campus Portal activation Key which can be used to login to The Infinite Campus Student/Parent Portal.

After you have created your online account, you can access the portal to look up the information of your student, such as:

  • Schedules
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • Grades
  • Report Card
  • un-Official Transcript
  • Household Information

If you have already registered an account but you have forgotten your password, go to the school where your child attends to get help.

We appreciate your continued support as we “Achieve Above” All Expectations!

Infinite Campus is launched in the summer of 2021. Below are the directions to access the site for Parents/Students, Students as well as Staff.

Infinite Campus introduces a lot of helpful features that we’ll begin to activate once they are prepared, including Students having the ability to see their schedules and grades, receive feedback from their teachers, and view announcements, and parents/guardians having the ability to manage their contacts, receive announcements about their students, and view the homework assignments they have their students given.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal Parent/Guardian Login

Parents and guardians can log in on Infinite Campus with credentials that they’ve set up. To sign up for an account, you must have an email address in the database that the parent/guardian can send an invitation to.

Go to Parent Portal

Contact Preferences Set-up

Infinite Campus Parent Portal Student Login

Students can log into Infinite Campus with their Newburg Google account by clicking on the gray button which reads “Google Login for Teachers, Students, and Staff”.

Go to Student Portal

Infinite Campus Parent Portal  Staff Login

Staff teachers, staff, and administrators can log into Infinite Campus using their Newburg  Gmail mail system providing by google clicking on the gray button that reads “Google Login for Teachers, Students, and Staff”.

Go to Staff Portal

Infinite Campus sign

  1. Select either “Log in to Campus Student”
  2. or “Log in to Campus Parent”
  3. From the Portal navigation menu, select “More” ->
  4. “Online Registration”.
  5. Pay fees and transfer funds to accounts for food service directly from your Infinite Campus portal.

Student and Parent login

  1. Make sure you enter your correct password, username, and captcha code to continue.
  2. Login pages for Parents and Students are now distinct.
  3. Select “Log in to Campus Student” or
  4. “Log in to Campus Parent”
  5. From the Portal navigation menu,
  6. select “More” ->
  7. “Online Registration”.

Campus Parent mobile app

  1. Campus Parent. To download the Campus Parent mobile app,
  2. go to either the App Store or Google Play and search Campus Parent
  3. or click the link directly below the link: Campus Student.
  4. To download the Campus Student mobile app,
  5. go to either the App Store or Google Play and search Campus Student or click the direct link to the right:

Infinite Campus Not accessible info?

  • Infinite Campus contains records such as transcripts,
  • behavior and enrollment histories which aren’t accessible in the portal.
  • If you’d like to view these
  • other records in Infinite Campus you are able to schedule an appointment with the school your child attends to review the records free.

Access the Parent Portal?

How to log in to the Parent Portal YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip Once you’re on the Internet in the address bar, you’ll need to enter the URL to Parent Portal.

Parent Portal. MoreOnce you’re connected to the Internet in the address bar, you’ll need to type in the URL to that Parent Portal.

Website URL: HTTP colon backslash, backslash Parent Portal dot BSD 100 dots o R.


If you are the first time on Infinite Campus, the username is the student’s student ID (this can be obtained at the school you attend) your password is the student’s initial name, initials, and the last name, followed by the birth date, using six digits for instance James Arthur Montgomery born on September 11 2001 …

My portal’s activation code

  • To obtain an Parent Portal Activation Key visit the Parent Portal Activation Key Lookup page.
  • You’ll need the following information:
  • Your student’s number (It is on your child’s report card and transcript.)
  • You’ll need your children’s Social Security Number (SSN) or the SSN-like number* allocated by your child.

Infinite Campus Teacher application ?

It is the Infinite Campus teacher app is installed within your Schoology course to ensure that you can sync your grades of Your Schoology Gradbook into the Infinite Campus Grade Book.

Get activation code for CCSD?

A. During the registration process, the new student will be provided with the username as well as password via the school’s Director of Registration or Campus Liaison. Parents/guardians will be asked what they’d like to do to be notified of their Campus Parent/Student Key.

Find out student’s user name in Infinite Campus?

  • For password and username issues,
  • you can also go to Campus Student or Campus Parent (Web Portal or Mobile App) and then click
  • “Forgot your password/username.”
  • If you aren’t able to see “Forgot password?”
  • as well as “Forgot username?”
  • options Your district may not have enabled this feature.

My parent portal’s password reset?

If you have forgotten or lost your password, visit your Parent Portal login page and select on the “Forgot Password?” option. You will be asked to enter your username or email address associated with your account. After submitting, you will receive an email with the link for you to change your password.

Parent VUE setup?

  • Follow these steps:
  • Open a web browser on any device and enter: ParentVUE >.
  • Click Activate, then click Activate Account.
  • Read the Privacy Statement and click “I Accept.
  • “Enter your name and activation key exactly as they appear on your letter.
  • Click Continue to Step 3.More items…*

Infinite Campus not working?

  • You might need to uninstall the application, turn off the device turn on your device and restart your application.
  • The error message might appear to a user in the event that they try to login into campus portal using an invalid ID.
  • Campus Portal app with an incorrect District ID.

When did Infinite Campus come out?

1993Charlie established Infinite Campus in 1993 and is Infinite Campus’ Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Charlie has overall responsibility for performance of the entire business.

Connect Schoology with Infinite Campus?

1. Click on the Courses tab, and select the course you want to join Infinite Campus for grading. 2. Go to Infinite Campus to link your Schoology and IC accounts. You must then accept the connection.

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School ID: 150003000102

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ID: 1500030

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West Coast University Portal

Ekosh Online Pay Slip

Wits student Portal login

Positive parental involvement

A number of school board meetings held in Sheridan County over the last twelve months has been filled with public comment and police officers from community members or parents who are dissatisfied by the decisions of regional school board members.

To prevent such scenarios local school officials suggested ways for parents to be active in their children’s schooling to stay clear of surprises and guarantee the smooth running of the school year.

In this day and age of technology the majority of school districts employs software programs that enable parents to keep up-to- current with assignments, grades, and other communications with their school.

The Sheridan County School District 1 Administrators and teachers use the district’s website , as along with PowerSchool, Canvas and Google Classroom.

Based on Lee Zimmer, SCSD1’s curriculum director, PowerSchool allows students and parents to monitor the progress of their grades as well as attendance. It also comes with an app on mobile for convenience , and permits parents and students to get notifications via push.

Classroom tools such as Canvas or Google Classroom allow teachers to publish class materials due dates, assignments and due dates.

Sheridan County School District 2 is also using technology to keep families on top of things in regards to school activities.

The Sheridan district makes use of Infinite Campus and Seesaw. Infinite Campus also allows parents to check the student’s grades, attendance, future assignments, and messages from school and lunch times. Seesaw is commonly used in elementary schools by SCSD2, providing the opportunity to learn interactively to families.

In the end, however school administrators urged parents as well as guardians establish connections direct with children’s teachers.

“The easiest way parents can stay in the loop on what their children are learning in school is to contact their children’s teachers directly, as these relationships are crucial for the success of all children,” said Rebecca Adsit, SCSD2 assistant superintendent.

“Schools and teachers are working hard to keep parents updated. The backpack of your child the parent portal and emails for notifications along with enquiring with your child are fantastic ways to remain updated.”

Zimmer was in agreement with the idea and urged parents to read the welcome-back letters sent out by teachers and schools at beginning of every school year. He suggested that getting the school set up at the start of the school year by using the right methods of communication will establish the tone for the rest of the year.

The parent-teacher conferences of the past were primarily focused on the grades and assignments, Zimmer added that because that information is readily available to the fingertips of parents, the gatherings have since been rearranged to concentrate more on the overall performance and goals.

Adsit said that parent-teacher conferences are a chance to build connections with teachers and school staff generally.

“At the end of parent-teacher conferences, parents should finish conferences knowing more about their child as a learner than they did beforehand,” she added.

“Teachers should offer ways for parents to assist in their children’s development. We recommend parents have these discussions not just at these conferences but throughout the term of school.”

If parents are concerned regarding something that concerns their child’s education and/or learning, both Zimmer and Adsit advised that it’s the best first option to reach out to the teacher of their child.

If that doesn’t work they advised parents to talk with the principal of the school. If there’s still no way to resolve the issue, Adsite said parents should contact the central office of the district.

The fact that you raise concerns doesn’t necessarily mean that changes to the curriculum are in the works.

For instance, SCSD1 has a policy for teaching controversial subjects with the notion that controversial issues should permit discussion on both sides of the debate without attempting to steer students to either side by the teacher According to SCSD1 Director Pete Kilbride.

No matter what the issue nevertheless, leaders across Sheridan County schools encouraged parents to get involved in the education of their children.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that an active involvement of parents in their child’s education can lead to higher academic achievement.

If it’s talks with children about their experiences in class as well as volunteering in school events or helping with homework Local school district administrators will encourage parents to get active.

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