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By | March 28, 2022

Waiting for EPFO Claim status online Check guide? Let me share with you epfo online claim status complete guide in this post.

Know your pf claim status with epfo unified portals. epfo claim status checking is very easy, just like pf balance.

Anyway, the Member can track the claim status of both withdrawal and pf transfer process.

EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) also known as the PF (Procident Fund) is a government-sponsored savings program for organized-sector employees.

EPFO provides a range of services via the government’s mobile application unified, Umang. It is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. purchase the application.

Both the employee as well as the company contributes to employee’s EPF account regularly in the PF plan.

Employees must contribute at the minimum of 12 percent of their salary as an annual minimum contribution. Employers are also required to contribute the exact sum, i.e. 12percent of the basic wage earned by the employee.

EPFO Portal Login UAN Member

EPFO Claim status online Check

EPFO Claim status online Check withdrawal & transfer

Employees are now easy to track their PF claim status by using the uan portal. Presently,

EPFO is using different technology and digitalization to provide online services, and using this EPFO claim status easy to check PF balance, status and avoid visiting EPFO offices.

How to Know EPFO Claim Status?

EPFO Claim Status: This facility provided for EPFO Members, subscribers, and pensioners who have submitted a claim in any EPFO offices across the country. Employees can find their EPFO status by using the PF account number.

PF Withdrawal, PF Transfer, epf balance inquiry, epf Passbook, uan activation, Tracking the EPFO claim status by using UAN

have your pdf claim rejected then read the rule of pf withdrawal.

Steps to check EPFO claim status @UAN

Employees who need to know EPFO claim status using UAN (Universal Account Number), they firstly login to the UAN member portal.

If you log in to the UAN member portal, clicks on the following link www. Uan members.epfoservices. in

Various services provided for employees/pensioners who are login into the above UAN portal member portal. By using this UAN member portal to check EPFO claim status, PF balance, and withdrawn information.

Check EPFO Balance

Employees’ provident fund organization (EPFO) provides various facilities to get EPFO balance details. It provides online services using UAN number and mobile apps for checking EPFO balance.

TAX Deducted at source (TDS) for EPF Withdrawal

  • TDS Applicable to employee withdrawal epf before five years of his employment.
  • Tax applicable when employees withdraw above 50,000 rupees for less than five years. epfo increased minimum tax-free withdrawal 30,000 to 50,000.
  • NO TDS On PF transfer to another PF Account.
  • TDS will not be deducted on below 50K withdrawal if it early withdrawal below five years.,
  • NO Taxes if the pf account is older than five years.
  • If Employee submits the 15G (below 60), 15H (above 60), then Epfo not deducts any taxes on your pf account balance.

Forgot PF Number, then Ask your Employer by contacting by Mail, Phone, physical visit in case of the previous employer.

You can check the epfo claim status at http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/KYCS.php.

From above epf India gov on the website, you can track pf claim status pf number and claim id. But you are logging into the uan member portal. You will get more features like Passbook and other etc.

Ways to Check EPF Claim Status Online

EPF stands for Employee Provident Fund. Now, one can access EPF claim status online in simple steps.

This service is a lifesaver for many employees who do not have any idea about their future and how to access their EPF account.

The Government of India provided the online EPF facility for the employees. This facility offers the feature of checking EPF balance and downloading the PF passbooks as well as other related services.

  1. Check Pf claim status with UAN No

Just pf passbook download portal and select pf claim status with uan number.

The enter the UAN Number and fill the captcha to see the pf transfer and withdrawal request status.

we are here directly providing epfo claim status by universal account number pf claim status by uan no

How to check EPF claim status:

Things required to check claim status:

To check the EPF claim status, the applicant needs the following things.

  • EPF account number,
  • EPF regional office of the employer,
  • Establishment of company code and extension code,
  1. Claim status @ epfindia.gov.in or epfindia.com

Now, you can check the EPF claim status online by simply following the below steps. One who submitted the claim at any EPFO office in India can able to use this online EPF claim status check service. To use this service, the applicant needs to know only their EPF account number.

  • First, the applicant needs to open the EPFO official website or claim status available with uan number
  • Under the Our Service section on the site homepage, click on the option For Employees.
  • Now, click on Know Your Claim Status under the section of Services.
  • The applicant redirected to another page; there click on Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status.

Part 2 @ epfo. services.in by pf number

  • The new page will open along with a single field in that the Member needs to select their state of the PF office.
  • After that, the applicant can able to see the list of EPFO offices in the chosen city.
  • Select the corresponding office where the claim application submitted using the drop-down menu.
  • Once selected, the appropriate EPF office, the office code, and region code fields automatically filled with relevant data.
  • Next, the applicant should type in the establishment of their employer in the third box. Note: the code should be seven digits.
  • If there any sub-code or extension available for the establishment code, then fill it in the fourth box. If not means, simply leave the box blank
  • After that, fill the account number in the fifth box that is a maximum of seven digits
  • Before clicking the submit button, recheck all the details and submit it.
  • This process as same as the epf balance inquiry
  • Now the applicant can access their EPF claim status by SMS to mobile.

If you uan number handy, then know claim status without the above steps.

Check EPFO claim status in mobile: Now, the candidate can check their claim status in their Smartphone using the Android App. EPF India is the mobile app that works on Android OS 2.3 or above to provide EPF claim status at the applicant’s fingertips.

Using this pf app, the applicant can easily check their claim status. At present, this candidate makes the applicant assess the withdrawal status application by just entering the PF account number and employer’s establishment code.

  1. Pf claim status @ uan member Portal

UAN Portal login is required once you log in to the portal, you can view epf balance and list your pf account along with related claim history regarding pf transfer and withdrawal.

Anyway, under the pf transfer service, you will claim details with claim code without furnishing any other details.

for checking pf claim epfo claim status uan portal just go here https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/

Benefits of online EPF claim status facility:

  • This feature allows the applicant to view the claim status online without visiting the concerned EPFO office
  • It is the simple and hassle-free process to check the Claim Status
  • Also, check the PF balance once the online EPF activated.

You may be interested to know pf transfer and pf withdrawal.


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