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By | August 20, 2022

Check PF Balance Information There are many lakhs of account owners with EPFO in India who have provisional money in their account. However, they sometimes find it difficult to determine the correct balance on their accounts.

Everybody knows that both workers and employers both contribute funds to PF account, but certain employees are not knowledgeable about the money that is that is deposited into the account.

e-Sewa Portal

This is why you will be able to figure out how to perform EPF balance checks offline using the use of SMS or a missed call number.

It is not necessary to go online to check your balance in PF because you can perform the check on your mobile phone offline.

Therefore, you can check the services that are provided by EPF to find out the balance of your account offline.

To verify your PF balance by SMS, make sure there is an active UAN and that it is associated with you Aadhaar PAN and bank account. Also your mobile number needs to have been registered to EPFO via which you’re sending the message.

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e-Sewa Portal

PF Balance Check

Every employee who contributes to an EPF account can view the balance of their EPF account using the internet. They do not wait for their employer to release the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) information at the close of the year to find out the balance.

You can examine your EPF balance with any of these options: the EPFO app, UMANG, E-service portal, SMS or missed calls.

To verify balance of your EPF balance, make sure that you have a UAN (Universal Account Number (UAN) has been authorized by your employer.

UAN is an unique identification number given to all employees in the EPF scheme. Every employee should only have one UAN for the duration of their employment regardless of the employer they join or the company they work for.

UAN is crucial since all of the process for EPF services are now carried out online. With UAN it’s simple for you to gain access to your PF account, including services like the withdrawal process, EPF balance check, and EPF loan applications. 

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) serves as savings instrument for employees. Employers and employees contribute the same amount to savings that can be accessed at retirement or upon switching job.

The interest rate for EPF contributions for the financial period 2020-21 is 8.5 percent. You can now access your EPF balance by sending an SMS or sending missed calls via EPFO App/UMANG Application and EPFO Portal/UMANG App.

If employees are allowed to access EPF balance, they will be able to access their balance conveniently. For more information, read our posts about PF Claim status, PF Transfer, EPF Withdrawal along with EPF Payment.

EPFO Balance Online – Details

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has introduced a number of changes in recent years to allow EPFO members to gain access to the Provident Fund (PF) related information.

In the present, EPFO subscribers need not be waiting for their employer to provide their EPF information at the close of the fiscal year.

The new system allows EPF account holders are able to check their PF balance anytime they like. In the future, EPFO subscribers can check their EPF balance following EPF interest has been paid into their account at the end of each quarter.

Check EPF Balance via SMS

Languages Codes in SMS SMS Number
English (Default) EPFOHO UAN 7738299899
Kannada EPFOHO UAN HIN 7738299899
Marathi EPFOHO UAN GUJ 7738299899
 Malayalam EPFOHO UAN PUN 7738299899
Bengali EPFOHO UAN BEN 7738299899
Telugu EPFOHO UAN TAM 7738299899
Tamil EPFOHO UAN TEL 7738299899
Punjabi EPFOHO UAN MAL 7738299899
Gujarati EPFOHO UAN MAR 7738299899
Hindi EPFOHO UAN KAN 7738299899

Check EPFO Balance @e-Sewa Portal

  • Visit the EPFO Member Portal (
  • In the tab on the right open the Services tab that is visible in the upper left and then click on “For Employees”.
  • Click on the ‘Member Passbook’ beneath Service Head.
  • Now the Member Passbook Portal will open (
  • Log in using your UAN and password , and then answering the question .
  • After logging in, you can select your membership ID and click View Passbook.
  • When you click on view, the entire PF balance information will be displayed on the screen. PF members are able to download it when they click download passbook.

Methods to Check PF Balance Online

It is now easy for Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) employees to verify the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) balance.

There are four different methods to check EPF balance are listed below. Employees can utilize EPFO’s EPFO portal to check the EPF passbook.

However, employees must possess an UAN and it must be active. To verify EPF balances via an EPFO website, the employees must follow the steps as follows.

Check EPFO Status @Umang App

  • Download the UMANG application, launch the app, then sign up with the app by providing your mobile number as well as your OTP.
  • After registering with the UMANG application, click the option ‘All Services.
  • Choose then the EPFO option from the departments in the ‘Social Retirement and Security’ section previously mentioned.
  • Members can search for EPFO directly via our search engine.
  • Log in to the employee-centric services using your UAN.
  • After you have mentioned the UAN after which click Get OTP, the members will receive an OTP to their mobile number that they have registered.
  • Enter your OTP and then click submit button.
  • Then select the View passbook option. A new screen will appear, you can select your member ID and the entire information will be displayed in the display.
  • Members are able to get the contents of their EPF Passbook simply by scrolling to the bottom before clicking on Download.

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